• Westhold G3 kit 1- transponder, personal charger and tube mount


    Kit includes Westhold G3 transponder, personal charger, and tube mount. This transponder works with all Westhold systems. Mounts like the original AMB. Tube mount zip ties or hose clamps to any size tube. Transponder locks into the bottom and pins on top. Durable system works well. 

    G3 Rechargeable (Yellow) - compatible with brackets from other suppliers

    Charge lasts up to 5 days. Green light at top flashes the number of days remaining. Fast recharge (max 4 hours, typically 1 hour).

    G3 Personal Charger

    Transponders are quickly charged with the convenient charging cradle. Max charge time is ~ 3 hours. Typical charge time is ~ 1 hour. LED lights on the transponder indicate full charge while in the charging cradle. When removed from the cradle the transponder green LED indicates approximate number of days of battery life left (up to 7 days). A red LED indicates when the transponder charge has less than 1 day remaining.