Race Sport All in One Jump Pack/Multi Charge/Air Compressor Kit


All-in-One Combo Jump Pack/Multi-Charge/Air Compressor Kit

This heavy-duty power bank is best in show with a true 16,800mAH rating that will rapidly charge any phone or tablet and can jump start vehicles up to 8.0L.
These All-In-One Race Sport Lighting jump starters pack in the power with a 5 Volt 2 Amp high output USB power port. Comparable to a wall charger.
With the capability of flowing 30L of air per minute, a max air PSI of 100, and a run time of seven minutes, the built-in air compressor of this all-in-one jump pack will never leave you stranded.
Avoid accidental drainage or damage of the power bank with our sturdy carrying case. Lined with foam inserts to cushion the pack and all of its adapters, this case keeps your kit safe and organize, making sure it is ready to go and in working order when you need it.
This power bank, air compressor, and jump starter combo pack takes everything you need and packs it conveniently into a single shell. This is the perfect road side companion to have and prepares you for any and every emergency.
• LED Flashlight that double as a strobe light & SOS signal
• 16,800mAh Battery Capacity
Kit Includes:
• Smart Jump Start Cables
• Wall Charger
• Car Charger
• USB Spider with Lightning iPhone, 30pin iPhone, Android, & Mini-USB plugs
• Air compressor cables with various fittings
• Instructions
• 1 Year Warranty

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