DNA STD 3 Layer Suit (SFI 5)


DNA SFI.5 Racing Suit 
Become One Step Ahead of Your Competition With Today’s Most Advanced Racing Suit
The DNA suit combines industry changing innovations and advanced design in a suit that offers almost no restrictions to movement, unbeatable breathability and incredibly lightweight fabric. This game changing suit is constructed to meet the needs of our athletes on the track and loaded with features available only at Simpson.

  • SFI.5 approved Titanium Nomex racing suit, Made in the USA
  • Integrated cuffs replace traditional sleeve cuffs, minimizing material at your wrist and eliminating bunching in the glove gauntlet area
  • Pre-bent 4-way stretch elbows allow for effortless movement of the arms, helping with fatigue and stopping the sleeve from migrating up the arm
  • 4-way stretch body panels reduce tension across the back, torso, waist, hips and thighs
  • Stretch panels offer improved ventilation in key area of the body
  • Stylish outside pockets lay flat to eliminate bunching and require less material
  • Embroidered trim adds style without adding unwanted weight

Sizes S,M,L,XL