Braille G5S Lithium Battery


Race Winning Lithium Technology Designed for the Enthusiast and the Professional. Tremendous Weight Savings, Original Equipment Direct Replacement Sizing and Superior Starting. Excellent Off-Season Storage Performance. Brass Terminals, and High Amp Design. RoHS, Environmentally Friendly and DOT Approved. 

*Marine Sealing is available and required for batteries used in marine or other applications where unit may be exposed to water directly (light mist or spray), as lithium batteries are not intended to be exposed to any water unless marine sealed, which makes the more water resistance, but not “waterproof”.  (additional cost, varies by lithium model)

** PbEq equals Lead-Acid Equivalent also known as LAH Lithium-Amp-Hours. This means that an 18 LAH PbEq (6AH) Lithium Iron Phosphate battery could perform the same near as an 18 AH Lead-acid battery under a high rate discharge in comparison.

  • Physical Specifications
  • BCI Group
  • Weight
    2.1lbs / 0.95kg
  • Length
    4.45" / 113mm
  • Width
    2.57" / 65mm
  • Height
    3.69" / 93.7mm
  • Polarity
    Left Side Positive
  • Performance
  • Voltage
  • Full Charge Voltage
  • Pulse Cranking Amps (PCA)
  • Amp Hour (AH)
  • Lithium Amp Hour/Lead-Acid Equivalent (LAH/PbEq)

  • Usage
    • Lithium ION
    • Powersports
    • ATV